Monday, April 09, 2007

More Vacation.

Since the blanket of sickness has spread to the four corners of our house AND the interior of my house is being painted this week, very little has occured Chez Stairs. The heel flap on my second Pink Zebra sock is underway, the travelling sock is hiding in the laundryroom under a week's worth of dirty travelling laundry, poor thing.

We went to a lovely brunch on Easter Sunday, and afterwards, drove directly to the only open Urgent Care Center in the vicinity (care to GET sick? Go hang out in the waiting room of this place..uck.) The Urgent Care Doc got to visit with three of us at once! We got scripts for Cheritussin (Robitussin with codeine) and 30 days worth of Prednisone!! (I can explain the 'roids - really.) Both of my boys have "Environmental Asthma" and I have grown into it with age so colds like this are tough on our lungs and oxygen capacity. The doc was being considerate and wrote one script for the three of us to make it less costly - thus the 30 days worth of Prednisone - that's ten days for each of us. Really.

So. Anyway. Dearth of knitting means vacation pictures.

I give you the Rio Grande Gorge:

I feel like Wile E. Coyote should be somewhere in this picture.

Also? A Teen who will hold still for the camera. Note the large feet and bad posture.

Well, after one day of steroids, I am beginning to feel more like myself so I thought I'd try to hop on the treadmill this morning and get back into the routine. Later, I've promised myself I will go blog visiting to see what has been going on on the Innernets.

I may even have to go grocery shopping soon. These guys aren't going to be painting forever.

Glad you're on the mend!
Glad to hear that the three of you are getting better.
Thank you for sharing your photographs of your journey to a favorite local of mine - the southwestern states. Isn't Taos fascinating!
I know all about asthma. And the urgent care doctor sounds like someone who understands. I hope that things get better soon.

And I thought bad posture and big feet went together with being a pre-teen and teen aged boy? My nephew is still a pre-teen at 12 but he is already there.
I'm so sorry to hear how sick you all are - but glad to hear that the meds are taking effect quickly!!

Ah, the Rio Grande. I have some very similar pictures from up on that bridge.
Beautiful scenery, nice pic of your teen!
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