Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mail Delivery! (Also? Much Linkiness)

I love coming back from vacation and getting that big tote of mail from the US Postal Service. Before we left I used my Loopy Ewe GC from my SP10 Pal. (Of course, I added a little to get the free shipping.) The first box on the top of my pile was this:

That is some of the Louet Gems in Carribean Blue and some Interlacements Tiny Toes. The Louet is destined for one of Cookie's delicious patterns.

Next was a package from Spritely Goods, Stephanie has been SO nice. She has posted pictures of my socks on her blog and her store gallery!!

This is a little blurry, but after hearing Violet talk about this colorway (Sherwood) last week, well, I snapped it up (Shh - don't tell Violet).
These two tissue wrapped skeins are some more from Stephanie at Spritely Goods. I am keeping one and gifting the other to my SP10 Pal. I haven't decided which one yet, so they are both under wraps.

Now for the Lisa Souza - back at the beginning of Sock Madness someone posted a pic of socks in this colorway and I decided I MUST have some in Hardtwist. Well Lisa shipped this the day before we left on vacation - so I got to open that package too! I must say, I am really starting to feel better now!

The bad news is that my husband is coming down with this Monkey Pox hideousness, and I don't know about your better halves, but mine is not a stoic.

Oh! And I'm so excited I get to start some test knitting this week...I don't even know if I'm allowed to say WHO it's for - I'll see if I can show you the yarncake before I start. The Zebra's are almost finished - they look like something Pippi Longstocking would wear.

Oh, the look and feel of new yarn!!! There's just nothing like it.
Hooray! Yarn Delivery Day! Have fun!!
You always get the greatest packages. I can't wait to see that Lisa Souza knit up.
I love the yarns. I am going to have to break down and buy some yarn from Spritely Goods. I am trying to behave until Sheep and Wool.
Oh gosh, sorry to learn you and your family came down with monkey pox on your vacation. Love the pictures of NM.

Yum-yum on the Gems in beautiful blue. You will make something fabulous of this. Can't wait to see.
oh, dear, mrs. G., this is some beautiful yarn. Chances are I'll do you a swapoffer this weekend. And monkey pox sounds serious, but what is it...?
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