Monday, April 30, 2007

I Promised You Roses

I ordered this on 4/15 - it's called Every Rose Has a Thorn - I ordered it from MCY on Etsy just before they closed down shop. I think you can still shop them on ebay and at their website, I don't have those links to hand, so you'll have to break out the Google Fu to find them. They are of some controversy due to their customer service, but I do believe they are working at it. However, their shipping is notoriously slow. (Okay, I lied, I found their website for you.) Enabler? hello, meet me.
In the meantime, here is the oh so snuggly Flair - which I desperately want in many colors right now. I am so loving this yarn. I need to find many, many patterns in which I can use this Blue Sky Cotton. I plan on finishing this bad boy in a week or so!

The second Mad Weave sock is toddling along, I'm onto the sixth pattern repeat on the cuff, so I may have another pair of socks to show you soon!

Oh, and welcome to the Spirit of '76! (76 days left.) I almost broke this weekend as Moirae is having a lovely stashbusting right now.

Hello SP, if you are out there!!! (She is very hit and run - I hear from her and then she is gone!)

Flair is comming along very nicely. I'll be starting my first knitting experience with Blue Sky cotton soon, and I can't wait.
Oh, the Flair is looking really nice. Cardigans are so useful and not nearly as HOT (temp-wise) as pullovers. My opinion, of course.
You are doing great on your stash diet. I am very proud of you. I am wondering is there a way to get the Sock Madness pattern???? It is so cool looking.
Flair looks great!! I'm not looking at that yarn link at the beginning. Nope. Not doing it. :)
I saw that colorway! I nearly bought one for myself too... But I'll wait and see how yours knits up. : ) I read somewhere (their blog, maybe?) that MYC has a new customer service rep. Flair looks great already.
Lovely shades of red and purple. Yum, 2 of my favorite colors.
You knit so fast I can't keep up with you! Your Flair is so pretty and I love that Blue Sky cotton - heck, I love anything Blue Sky. I can't wait to see the finished Flair.

Poor Kona and especially poor Guinifer! I've had dogs with Giardia before and it's no fun.
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