Thursday, April 19, 2007

FO: Roza's Socks

Yarn: Yarntini Merino/tencel blend in 4-8-15-16-23-42 colorwaypurchased from her site at etsy. Love this yarn, love this pattern. This brings me to 3.5 miles on the Lime & Violet Sock marathon.

Yarn Fast: 86 days left.

The rest of the Woolgirl Pretty:

Sheepy stitchmarker!

Oops. Bad Girl and Triple Scoop right in front of me!

This yarn fast is going to be very hard on me - I crave the pretty!

Now, I washed out of the Sock Madness in the second round, but I still get the patterns as they are sent out via e-mail. This is the Mad Color Weave Sock pattern - I love this pattern. It's really fast and easy to follow. I don't think I'll carry the pattern down to the foot because it makes a really thick fabric. The yarn is Vesper's Crew colorway. I am big on the green from this month's Project Spectrum - I need to get some pink in there. Isn't it pretty?

Did I mention 86 days left?

The Vesper sock you're working on is pretty and very PS! Hmm, maybe you'll have to knit that gorgeous Bad Girl to get in your pink. Hmm, and then there's the yellow, too.
I love the Vesper. And the Bad Girl is perfect for you. You are a bad girl for tempting the rest of us.
I absolutely love the green. It fits the colors of spring and the leaves busting out all over.

Stay strong, once you get used to the stash fast, it's not too bad (she says as her nose grows another inch in length).
I don't think you are going to have a problem. 86 days sounds like a long time, but you've aquired so much pretty resently...
Oh! You're too cruel. To have those links so easily accessible to your bloggy friends! What will MY hubby say when he sees, yet another Visa charge from some strange place like Wool Girl or The Sweet Sheep!
PS. re: green socks - WOW!
Heh, these yarns are gorgeous! I tried to get some Sweet Georgia today but every time I clicked "buy now", my cart came up empty, and finally it stalled completely. Rats! Maybe tomorrow? Do you like the Mad Weave socks? I've been considering using it for my Hogwarts Swap socks, hmm...
Wow, great yarn! I really like that sock, too. Do you suppose they'll be making all the patterns available to the general public once Sock Madness is over? I'd love to get my paws on some of the patterns I've seen.
oh, funny, I started Roza's socks yesterday... yours are great!
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