Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I really love Wendy Bernard' s style. This is my first time trying out one of her patterns (I think). This yarn is totally yummy and I think once I get it started, it should fly relatively fast.

I can't go far from the house today because the Kona has Giardia. So, not only do I have to stay close to let him outside frequently, I had to prepare homemade dogfood last night. I'm a dog butler.

So, I'm on a dozen or so e-mail lists from websites that sell sock yarn. I think I'm becoming immune to the pretty after clicking on three e-mails this morning. 81 days left. I'm not letting anyone forget it, just so I don't try to sneak anything past anyone! (Including me.)

Tomorrow: A sock

Wow! You're knitting a non-sock project??? :)

Giardia-- the warnings I heard as a teenager included statements like, "Filter the water, or you'll have horrible (you know what) that will last for up to one year."

Is it the same for all animals?

Poor guy.
Warm thoughts for a quick recovery. It's so hard to watch sick pets. Love the rich brown yarn for the sweater. Since you have to stay home anyway, might as well enjoy yourself.
Poor Kona!! Hope he's better soon.
Poor Kona! Where did he pick that up? Only 81 days!
There are worse things than being a dog butler. At least you get to stay home and knit. Hope he gets better soon.
Sorry for the puppy. Yummy on the new pattern and yarn. I agree, her style is fun!
Your sock yarn from the swap should arrive soon! Hope you like it.
Poor Kona! (Do you think anyone dared to click on your Giardia link?!!)

Can't wait to see the progress on the brown sweater.

And puka sounds Finnish.
Sorry to read about Kona, hope he improves soon.
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