Monday, March 19, 2007

Yes, we have no FO's...

I have no FO's to show you.

I'm sorry.

I should have something, but I don't.

I frogged the Pomatomus and re-cast-on to smaller needles. I'm about two inches further along than the last time I showed you.

I started another sock with my Lorna's Laces, but that's in my carpool bag and has not been posing for photos.

I tried to take a picture of my kitty as all else had failed, but she was not cooperating. The minute I get close to her she starts "mrow-ing" and shoving her head against the camera (she's 20 years old and she acts like a curmudgeonly old lady).

I tried to take a picture of Kona. He promptly rolled over and demonstrated his exhibitionist tendencies. I told him there were no takers.

Hockey is over and Puck is away on a school field trip. We did watch WCHA finals this weekend, and I can't tell you how scream inducing the Gopher game was on Saturday night. Seriously, what WAS that? Check it out!

Our school system does an all ages concert every Spring. Kids in the school band programs grades 5-10 perform in a huge concert held in the High School Gymnasium. Each grade plays one or two songs and they close with a rousing version of Stars & Stripes. The oldest kids start playing and the younger ones join in at the end. They split the band population in half so 1/2 of the kids play at 3:00 and the other half play at 7:00. Both of my boys play large brass (Tuba and Trombone), and this is the first year they were both in the concert. I confess, I have cried at the Stars & Stripes every year.

Oh yea, I got an order from the Loopy Ewe. I am shameless.

But Sock Madness starts up again on Thursday and I need to be ready!

I must confess, too, Stars and Stripes Forever gives me goose bumps! Bands do it best, but Vladimir Horowitz does an amazing piano rendition.

Yummy yarn!
More yarn!! And very pretty! I haven't yet tried Seacoast, but I was drooling over them at TLE last week. So tempting!
Really, I don't understand one bit of hockey. I watched but well, that's about it. No need to tell, I have about the same with football. And that pink yarn, I never thought I would say that about something pink, that pink is gorgeous. Really gorgeous.
Wait, didn't you just get an order from the Loopy Ewe last week?! ;)

Love that first skein.
It makes me cry too:-)
Wasn't that goal by Wheeler unbelieveable! We were jumping on the bed for that one! Of course, he had a phenomenal weekend but what a capper that was! Woohoo! Guess what we're watching all weekend. Maybe that great gold yarn you sent me should be mixed with Maroon!
I think I'm seeing sock yarn coming in faster than it's going out. Am I wrong? 8-) Another fabulous batch!
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