Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Time to Show Something...

for the effort. Evidently I am something of a slacker.

Okay, frogged the Pomatomus and cast on to smaller needles...I am much happier with it now.

And this handsome fellow has been riding around in the car this week.

Trying to decide which yarn I'm going to break out on Thursday for the competition. I have a LAX Board Meeting on Thursday night, so I have a feeling I am going to start out way behind this time around.

Your P sock is lovely! And the car sock is really fun. You always have the best socks. :)
the P sock is just gorgeous! And I agree with Chris--what a fun color combo on the 2nd one.

Aren't socks just the best?? Practically instant gratification.
A socky site! I'm just learning, in fact, finished my first pair last night but the toes are ugly. Glad to find another Minn. Mom Knit Choc Lab person! Love the site!
You are cruising on those P socks. It's seemed like they took me forever.
Cool socks, love the yarns you are using. :) The Pomatomus pattern is what made me a socknitter, love it!
Sometimes changing the needle size makes all the difference. Just make sure that you can pull the sock up your leg and be comfortable with it.
Much better on smaller needles! Pardon: great!!! And what fresh colours your carsock. Love them. So clear.
Ditto to the above comments. I've yet to attempt Pomatomus but it's on my to do list. Love the spring colors of car project. I've got my traveling projects, too. Have to as a hockey/dance mom.
I love the pomatomus socks, I really need to make a pair.
Sock #2 - very cool. What yarn is it?
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