Monday, March 12, 2007

Sock Maddness Has Begun!

What a crazy weekend! First I quit the competition (I was sick, the pattern was a little unclear, there was no direction from the moderators and I had to frog almost an entire sock!), and then I started again, but I managed to be one of the first sixteen to get their first pair of socks completed, so I get to move on in the competition. I'm still cheering for Limedragon tho'!

The Croup is hangin' on - a nice hard cough that makes my ribs hurt, but I am feeling a tad better.

Puck had his last Hockey game on Saturday afternoon - it was against one of the other EP Squirt C teams. Puck's team had beaten them once in a scrimmage and got beaten up on and beat in a game. Seriously, these kids played like they were playing NHL hockey - fists and elbows and shoves and slashes and tripping and, and, well you get the picture. They're 9-10 year olds, that's not supposed to happen and when it does, it's usually because the coach is not doing his job (in my opinion), either that, or those kids are learning something different at home than my kids are learning. ANYWAY, Puck's team won. Oooooh they won. Puck's best friend scored two goals, his other buddy scored two goals, and Puck scored on an assist from his BF (final goal - made it 5-1!) It felt good to win, and it felt good to win against a team that had beaten them so "dirty". They had a team party afterwards that was delightful. All in all, it was a satisfying end to a very fun season.

I still need to get my SP10 question answers up and I've got way too much yarn pr0n to share, but maybe I'll get those up later tonight! Now I have to go catch up on my blog reading!

I like the socks. I am happy to hear that you are feeling better. And kids play to win today. They see their idols playing hard and fast and they want to be just like them.
Yikes - usually I expect kids who still have baby teeth to be able to keep them in hockey!

Congrats on doing well in Sock Madness - I'll be sending lucky thoughts Harriet's way...
The croup? Yuck! I had that when I was very young. I don't remember the sickness, but I do remember staying in an oxygen tent in the hospital for several days. Well done on finishing the socks despite all the obstacles! You are an overcomer, for sure.
Love the socks, very pretty!
Ya Puck! You must be very proud. I think when you are that young, it's hard to take the high road when the other team is not.

LOVE the socks!
Yay Puck! And WTG on finishing the socks. :) How funny that our division was the first to finish. Eek! I'm sure you will do great in the next round too. :)
WTG, Puck. That's the way to hurt 'em - on the scoreboard! I have to admit, the effort to tighten up the officiating this year has been a bust, IMHO. Dirty, chippy players are still getting away with way too much and the clean players pay the price. Hope next year the officiating is better - much better!
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