Thursday, March 15, 2007


I started this last night and I am so happy with how this yarn is working up. This is Chocolate Cherry from Yarn Ahoy over at Etsy. She is an amazing hand-dyer who does a some international community service. She also lived in India for many years and uses that culture for her color inspiration. She doesn't have anything listed right now, but you can check out her sold yarns to see what I mean about her inspirational color.

I get to be Car Pool Queen and drive 5 ten year olds to hockey camp this evening. This week has been exhausting and dinner inspiration has been nil. Thank goodness for those pre-cooked broasted chickens. I can always come up wtih something for dinner when there's some cooked chicken in the fridge. (Tortelloni, Fajitas and soup and pasta salad...) I'm always looking for inspiration if any of you have any for me...(hint).

2.44 miles is my Sock Marathon current mileage, and I'm trying to get psyched for the next round of Sock Madness. This time around we compete head-to-head with another knitter. I am matched up with a woman who is blogless, but she posted me a message over at the Flickr group.

It looks like rain/snow today so everybody in town - dress warm!

That pattern looks brilliant with that yarn! Good match.
Your P-sock looks great!! Wow, she does have some cool colors.

May you survive being Car Pool Queen.

Hee hee - my dinners tend to be heavy on the popcorn, so I can't help there.
Bet the decibel level was up there. When Hockeyboy gets together with his friends - ooeee - the noise! LOVE the newest sock installment. Keep 'em coming. I'm polishing off some UFO's before casting on new socks but am looking for pattern inspiration!
Your socks are looking fabulous!
Great socks!

Broasted chickens...I like to make chicken ceasar pita wraps, enchiladas, tacos, and also it's good thrown into soups.
Being your opponent, maybe I should start a Pomatomus, too, to get in shape for the next round of Sockmadness?!?

Looking at all the wonderful socks on your page makes me think, that I might drop out in the next round...still looking forward to it!

i have family in eden prarie...what are the chances that you know them?
Any time I look at this sock it mades me long for chocolate cherry yoghurt (because of my diet, otherwise it would have been icecream ;-) yummie colours in short.
Those are some gorgeous socks! So, are you going to see the Yarn Harlot in April at the Yarnery? She'll bring her sock and you can bring yours.
I like that color combo and I'm not a big 'brown' fan in the least. But this is cool. You're inspiring me yet again!
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