Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oh. My. Gophers.

I am having minor heart attacks watching the Gophs and the Sioux battle it out. Oh hello.

Sock Madness. I lost my round against a very nice young lady who lives in Germany. I just had too much going on this weekend to devote all my hours to finishing this pair of socks. However, I present my Mad-tini socks, knit on 2.75 mm rosewood needles (eh, I'll take my Knitpicks dpns I think). The yarn is Spritely Goods Sylph Fairy Duster II ( I have enough yarn left over for a second pair of socks! You can see my competitors' work over here at this Flickr website.

A closeup of the cute stitch. The pattern was written using European terminology for a few stitches so that was a little bit of a challenge. Thank goodness for
I am free to pick this up again:
This is next - any ideas for patterns?
And - I was a big winner! Over at Chris' blog - Stumbling Over Chaos - I was lucky with my comment entry! Look at all the yummy stuff she sent me!

There chocolate and Pez and some needle holders and some Dicentra yarn - isn't that yummy.

Oh. Gophers lose. Darn.

You're very welcome! Hmm, does that pink zebra stripe? Kristi's Gentlemen's Socks are pretty cool for striping yarn.
Great socks in springy colors. They could be Easter socks!
Well, at least you gave it a good try. And you are now free to knit the rest of the socks at your leisure.
At least you end up with a nice looking pair of socks. And now? No more pressure. It might be kinda boring, but I would knit your pink zebra looks like it's going to stipe wonderfully. The nice thing about plain is that they'll go FAST.
These are great socks! It's awesome that you finished them up even if you didn't win the round (again, Stephanie's division was f-a-s-t!). :) WTG on the prize from Chris!
Sob! It was a heartbreaking end to the season. Thank goodness for knitting. It's such a comfort ;-D.

Love, love, love the new yarns. I'm a perpetual shade of green over here.
Pink Zebra- stockinette- maybe a wee bit of action, like the Dublin bay YO sides... I think they'll be fun!

Dicentra yarn-- what do you think? Is it Anne Schaefer thin? The solar color (or similar- whatever it's called) always seems to 'talk' to me, you know? :)
Those socks came out wonderfully! (and so fast too! I envy you your nimble fingers :D )

I was wondering if you might care to share them with me - just pop over to the shop and click the "contact" link at the bottom and let me know - I'd love to be able to add them to the gallery.

Happy Knitting,
Spritely Goods Stephanie
Your sock determination is amazing! I think I am going to have to move into shawl knitting in order to use up all my sock yarn!
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