Friday, March 02, 2007

Let's give credit where credit is due:

I've been delinquent in making this post. Earlier this week, I received this package from my scarf swap partner. Isnt' it lovely?

These are all the nice goodies that I received from:

There's some tea and some Nescafe. Those two Coffee Crunches? They are heavenly - they are also sticking up out of a really cute coffee cup. Thanks so much Pal! A 5.0 rating for you at Swap-bot!! (plus a heart, 'cause I love those Coffee Crunches...)

Also? More snow.

I also signed up for Sock Madness and I am in the Harlot bracket. Totally appropriate. I am pretty darned sure I won't make it beyond the first round, but I am a sucker for sock patterns. Look for more sock craziness here starting on March 10.

Oh, those are fun fun fun swap goodies!
That's a cute kit you got. Coffee Crunch is new to me. I'm in the YH division too. :)
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