Friday, March 09, 2007

Le Croup

Do you remember the last time you had Croup? I don't, but I have it now. I recognized the sound coming out of my throat this morning. I don't know which kid passed this on to me, but he's for sale. I'll take $1.50, heck you can have 'em.

On the plus side? Sock Madness, 7:00 am tomorrow. The yarn is ready (I even had what I needed in stash), I found a paid of Sox Stix at the LYS this morning. I'll be taking those slick little five inchers for a test ride on the first pair of socks.

Coming soon: SP10 Questions & Answers!

Yikes! I hope you feel better soon!
I guess I didn't know adults could get croup. Feel better soon!

Don't give up on the Sock Madness socks just yet. It's only the first day. : )
If you are really sure you want to sell him/her for $ 1.50, I want him or her ;-)
And... success with your sock madness!!!
Hot showers, tea with lemon and honey and lots of knitting! Can't wait to hear the outcome of Sock Madness! Now that the hockey season is over, I need something to cheer about. Go, Guinifer, go!
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