Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm Ready!

Sock Madness: Round 2

Sylph Fairy Duster II - Spritely Goods - from my stash.

The pattern is supposed to come today between 4-10 pm.

I'm ready.

(Oh and P1 is finished - I'll show you tomorrow, ok?)

Woot! We're cheerin' for ya!
Goog grief! My P socks took weeks to finish. Good luck with round 2.
Go go go go go!!!
Pretty yarn! Good luck, may your needles be fast! :)
pretty yarn. And I am hoping for fast fleet nimble fingers.
In Dutch: hup hup hup. You can do it , girl! Certainly with this pretty yarn. Keep us informed.
Lovely yarn! How'd it go? How 'bout them Gophers!!!!! I missed the go-ahead goals, since HB was playing at the same time but what a comeback!
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