Thursday, March 01, 2007

Holy Mother of All That is White!!!

This is outside my window at 8:45 this morning!!!

Oh, it just hit here! Yikes. Glad I'm working from home...
Isn't it GLORIOUS!
The snow is pretty so long as you get to stay inside. We are getting rain instead. Plenty of it over night. They are guessing around 2 inches. I will put out the rain gauge shortly.
I'm so envious that you don't have to be downtown today, it's pretty yucky. The streets are just mush. You tell the city is already having a tough time of it keeping up. And I can't leave until at least 3:30 because I set up a meeting that lasts until 3:15. Good thing I always keep some knitting and a book in my work bag. :-)
I meant to say 'you CAN tell the city is already having a tough time...'.
Wow!! Makes me sheepish that everyone down here in Oklahoma whined so much when we had a snowy/icy spell recently that lasted over a week!!! Are we big sissies or what? LOL! Hope you can stay in and stay warm up there!
Oh my, that is white! It's pretty white down here in Southern MN too. Looks like it will be deeper than my dogs are tall by morning.

What pretty new yarns.
Ya, I wasn't up at 8:45 'cause I knew I wasn't going to work today.
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