Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bright & Sassy Sock Yarn Swap

I opened a package on Monday from Roo at Roo Knits. Doesn't this look like an Easter Basket? She threw some nummy sweets in there for me, along with this super skein of Opal. Thanks Roo! I'll let you know what I decide to knit from this!
So, for an additional .3125 miles, the Grid Lock Socks have been completed. This is my MCY sock yarn in the Prism colorway. I now have a total of 1.85 miles for the L&V Sock Marathon! (My goal was 2.0 miles by the end of March - I feel sure I am going to meet and exceed that goal!) The gals have extended the Marathon to July so I am going to have to re-set my goal, I think.

I must confess that I haunted the Loopy Ewe on Monday night for their store update. She got in her last shipment of Sweet Georgia before SG goes on her sabbatical - I managed to nab a colorway - I'll show you when I get it. I was proud of myself for only ordering one!! Man, that place was crazy. People were putting yarn in their cart, and by the time they went to check out, that yarn would be out of stock!

That Opal is gorgeous! It's going to make some seriously beautiful socks.

So how's the house renovation going?
I just love the yarn you used for your Grid Lock socks.

I'm with Amy in being curious about how the renovations are going!
Pretty yarn! And the new socks are very nice.
Kudos on the mileage. You're racing along. I have to admit the penalty issues have caused my knitting mojo to desert me entirely. Lovely yarn, though. I'm curious how large your stash is, given how productive you've been lately.
Is that Hundertwasser? Pretty colors! WTG on getting some Sweet Georgia. I forgot all about it until this morning! But luckily I still have a skein that I ordered from when she had her Etsy shop, I may knit that this year. :)
Pretty sassy yarn. And it is nice to see that the sweets made it into the photo. You are making progress in the marathon. I need to get going again. Of course I thought the idea was to reduce the amount of yarn?
Oooooo, love the Opal yarn. What is the colorway?
I agree on the Opal. What wonderful Spring socks, makes me want to dye some eggs! ::grin::
Ha, Doctor Fish! I still have one too...curious what you are going to make from it! I love the blue socks. Great. Beautiful colours.
Your socks are cute!
Oh man, that purple is to die for. Gimme some!
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