Monday, February 05, 2007

Socks Are Mean!
(and Koigu is tough on the fingertips!) So, after a weekend of Famous Dave's BBQ, Lacrosse, Hockey, Hockey parties, Football and very negative temperatures through the whole thing; these socks are kicking my *ss! Here is Eagle's Flight sock #1, ready to be kitchenered. I am going to cast on sock #2 this morning. But I think I need a little distraction.

So I'm going to cast this on too. Isn't it purty!!

I'm tempted to dig out a purple skein, because really, didn't Prince totally ROCK last night?

Purple rain... in the driving rain. Fantastic!

Great sock, btw. Do you really think koigu is rough on the fingers? Try Cestari! :) [still has straw in it]
When I heard Prince was going to be the half time act, I was almost ALMOST, tempted to try and catch it, but watching any part of the Superbowl really goes against the grain.
I missed Prince????

I always think I had a really busy weekend until I read your blog on Monday morning!:-)You guys are on the go!
So Koigu is hard on the fingers? I have some in m y stash but I have never knit with it yet. I have a stranded glove kit with Koigu. I wonder if it softens after washing it....

And I vote purple. And not because of Prince. (I was never a huge fan of his nor did I watch the Super Bowl.)
His show was very cool - especially Purple Rain in the rain!

Koigu hard on the fingertips??
The first sock looks terrific. Can't wait to see your new project. :)
What size needles are you using on your socks? Those look teeny tiny! I love using Koigu, but I tend to use 1s and 2s for most of my socks. Sometimes I'll go down to 0s. I'm also not a tight knitter. I ADORED Prince at the Super Bowl. I just wish he had had more time so he could have sung full songs.
I love the yarn but I bet it's equally gorgeous in purple. I'm surprised about the Koigu. The stuff I've used has been delicious but I've never made socks from it. Hmmm?
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