Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Progress Wednesday.

I have new windows.

I have one sock of my Posh Yarn Basketcase Socks finished - very snuggly & quick.

ETA: The link to the Basketcase Socks pattern is this:

I hope to finish this sock today, as I am knitting the heel flap this very minute:
This is the April Fools Socks from Wildhorse Farm Designs and my Ruby Sock Yarn from Ruby Sapphire in the Naomi colorway. They actually updated their site this week.

This is the little hat I knit up with yarn from I Don't Know Where on ebay - but it feels just like Malabrigo. This also is my first Project Spectrum project! The head it fits on ran out the door this morning like I was the Paparazzi chasing him.

Lastly, this is the paint chip for my house! We have Portabello as the base color, mahogany for the trim and mulberry for the doors. (Ignore that little yellow blob - that's going away.)

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

So, Is it warmer in your house yet? Love the color chips, are they similar or different from what you have now?
I really need to do some more top down socks. I have a skein of the Posh Yarn as well but I need to work through the pile of other yarns first.I am guessing that your house is warmer now.
Lovely socks! How do you like the RubySapphire yarn? I've got some from my Coffee Swap partner that I think I might just pull out of the stash next. It's calling me now :-)

I like the colors for your house! The red doors are going to be awesome, it's such a nice accent.
Those do look snuggly!
Pretty socks!

Is it warmer in your house?! How are you managing to even move your fingers to knit?
I'm at my parents' house, where the furnace seems to be dying. I can't imagine staying here if we had no windows, etc. But you sure must be knitting up enough energy to keep warm. :) Great colors, both for the house and the knits.
Thank goodness for windows! I like the colors you have picked out for the house. Won't it be nice to have that done?
Happy Valentine's Day!

Where is the Basketcase Sock pattern from? I'll be in CA next week so I can pick it up there if you tell me where it's from. Thank you!! I'll try to bring back some warm temps - crossing my fingers.
Did you sign up for the posh sock club? -and I'm soo happy that your new windows are in! I think it's the frigid weather that's been making me cranky lately.

So I checked BMFA's site and saw the new colors. 'Little Bunny Foo Foo' has a great name. I liked 'Foo Foo'! :) It's great yarn at a reasonable price!!! (well, relative to others that is!)
O.k. it's warm again. I hope. Like the new colours of your house. And I am really impressed by the pile of socks you knit. Wow!
Ooo, love those socks. Thanks for posting the link to the pattern.
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