Saturday, February 10, 2007

My new fave sock discovery:
This is Lisa Souza's new hardtwist in her little devil colorway. Nice tight twist, looks like STR, but feels a little softer on the fingers.

Just sharing a little of the yarn love!

Lisa Souza's yarn is one that I have been wanting to try. I will wait and see how you like it after you kit it up. Have you found a devil of a pattern for it?
Are you planning to knit it soon?
Oooh, it looks lovely. I still have some of her Eldorado yarn in my stash, unwound, unknit. Must remedy that.......
Huh. A friend gave me a skein of her Merino sock! and I knit that sucker on 00's and 0's. *very* tiny gauge, no desire to buy that yarn again!

The colors were gorgeous, though!!!
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