Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Look! An FO!

Basketcase Socks:

Posh Yarn - 4 Ply Babyface, Cashmere/Wool Blend
360 yards on #3 dpns
(ETA: I am NOT a member of the Posh Yarn sock club - however, I do like to daydream over their weekly sales because she really does have some interesting colorways - and hello! - cashmere socks?)

Just a little bit closer?

Easy pattern, fast knit. I would definitely knit this again.

Very atypical colors for me.

Did you join the Posh sock club?
Those are really cool. Now I have to add that pattern to me extensive "must knit" sock pattern list...
Great pattern! I have not done any patterns in my socks yet other than ribbing. I am going to have to attempt something fun and simple like this.

Hey I just noticed you are from MN also. Duh, maybe I should wake up!
Hello neighbor ; )
Very nice socks! Cashmere! Yay!
Oh those are pretty! Love the pattern.
I love them! Weird but beautiful colours. And cashmere...gee...
Lovely, Easter-ish colors. Just what we need for spring - which made a brief appearance this week. Where is the pattern from?
Looks like one of the patterns from knitting pattern central - is it? They look sooo comfortable.
The socks look great!
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