Saturday, February 10, 2007

ETA: This pattern is in the Spring 2007 Interweave Knits - I saw it at B&N just today!

Is anyone else having the same sweater love that I am having? Must have this sweater. Anyone have a good source for Louet Gems? Any other suggestions. This may have knocked me right out of my sock groove!
Hello pretty girl! Don't you want to come and live at my house? I'll take good care of you....


Yeah...I spotted this one too. It may have to come live with me as well. If you find a good place to buy Gems, let me know, 'kay?
I like it but I will have to check it out a bit more closely.
Pretty, but not for me. I'm in the "let me know if you find a good source of GEMS" camp, too!
Very pretty! I know Borealis sells some of the Louet yarns, but it may just be the fingering weight one. Can't hurt to call them, right?

Happy birthday!
this is one beautiful sweater...
I used Louet Opal yarn for my bi-color cable sweater and I found the yarn online from a Canadian store. Can't remember the name anymore. I bought it in 2004 or maybe 2005. I could not find it locally, maybe it's available now.

I too love the sweater and have been wanting to knit something from the top down, but I have too many UFOs right now. LOVE the color.

Thanks for the update on your house.
Oh my, that is one gorgeous sweater! Last time I was there, my LYS had Louet Opal in stock.

And seriously. Aren't you supposed to chew the extremities off of small animals in the house? Kona is just fulfilling a duty.
It's a pretty sweater indeed!
I agree...I'm dying to knit that. What else could be subbed I wonder?
TOTALLY! I've reopened the mag to this picture at least a dozen times. (sigh) Lovely!
Needlework Unlimited carries the louet gems. Pretty sweater.
That is gorgeous, where is the pattern from?? Is it available in larger sizes than say an L??
Very pretty, the flare of the cuffs is really attractive and I'm always a sucker for anything cabled.
That sweater is so beautiful.
I would love to know where to get the pattern???
Please share.
Dear Guinifer
I popped around to visit after I got your email saying I'm your swop partner! And I spot this. YUM.
I paid for a subscription to Interweave only last week - After seeing this jumper (oops, I mean sweater in american) I can't wait!
Oh yes, and did you know I have two chocolate labradors? Great minds and all that.
cheers m'dear
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