Friday, February 09, 2007

Hi, I'm Kona, I chew the extremities off of small animals. See? No ears on this bunny.

Blogger very kindly e-mails copies of my comments to me. Oftentimes, they are questions about my post, however, I find that I cannot respond to these comment/e-mails. I am at rather a loss at how to answer you lovely commenters.

About my house:

We bought a stucco home in 2000 that had been built in 1997. I was quite smug buying only a slightly used house as our old stucco home had become rather a nightmare. Shortly after we moved in we discovered that many of our neighbors (our neighborhood was almost entirely stucco - 3-4 brick homes) were discovering problems with moisture intrusion. Our neighborhood is a no-egress culs-de-sac filled street about .9 miles long, one side overlooks a golf course, the other side overlooks a bike path.

By 2003 several homes had had their stucco sidings removed, their home repaired and new (usually different) sidings put on their homes. Turns out we all had different builders, but they all used the same sub-contractors and none of them had been built to code. At that point we called an inspector and and attorney. Long story short: building code violations, framing damage, lawsuit mediated and settled, house being repaired.

We have opted to replace our stucco with Hardeeboard (a concrete product), and cultured stone. All of our windows are being replaced by the window company (part of the settlement, though they admit no culpability, and frankly, I don't believe the windows caused the problem, it was entirely poor contractor work.)

So that is what is going on at my building site of a house right now. It's freaky (and yes, VERY cold, I'm quite scared to see my heating bill) and scary, but we hope to be done by March.

I hope that answers all of your thoughtful questions.

Hockey tonight, and tomorrow.
Oh, and I turn 46 tomorrow too (last time I'll remember that on the spur of the moment).

Yikes! I'm glad you got $$ for the repairs. But sheesh - what a time to be getting the repairs done.

Happy early birthday!
I have heard about various stucco problems on the news in past years, but was scared to ask you if there was a settlement of any sort. I'm glad to hear there was. I'm sure your house will look great when it is done. Happy Birthday!
I have heard about the problems. Stucco and snow have just never gone together in my mind.

Happy Birthday!

What an unfortunate situation, but I'm glad you were able to get a settlement for repairs.

About the comments, I understand that lots of Bloggers users add haloscan for comments, you can see it at Knittymama and Renee's A Good Yarn, I think.
Happy BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a year of fun, fiber and a fixed house!
Happy Birthday to you - sharer of Middle Daughter's birthday! Unfortunately, I remember giving birth the night the ground war in Iraq started - the first one. Shouldn't we be done with this by now!?

But, back to the fun shenanigans. Did you get a party or at least not having to cook? Middle Daughter got both a birthday party at home (lots of teenaged girls) and dinner out at Buca tonight. I hope you are managing to the loot as well as she did - bit by bit, the presents emerge, are unwrapped, worn and discarded.
Wow, what a lot of worrying and headaches that no one should have to deal with. I'm so glad it's getting resolved, and hope the house gets warmer soon.

Happy Birthday!
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