Sunday, February 25, 2007

Can I just say?

I LOVE these kids! (and I like this shot, 'cause I can show you the kids without showing their faces.) It doesn't matter if they win or lose - they play their hearts out (These are nine and ten years olds, by the way). At the end of every game, they skate out onto the ice and they celebrate the goalie. See them here? They're watching a little inner-city team that was losing 9 to 0, and they were cheering for that little team that was losing. When that little team scored, theirs were the loudest cheers in the arena! Our kids lost their game on Friday, but they battled their little hearts out and won a fantastic game on Saturday. Today they are in the Consolation Championship game (GO EAGLES!), I had obligations to the Teenager, so I had to stay home. (Not to mention the bi-weekly migraine, which? No cheering please. Ow.)

ETA: Our little Eagles won their game today 5-1! Two goals scored by Puck's BF (he's not in the picture because he always the LAST one to be ready), two for the little T-Bone (#7 up above), and Puck (#16) scored a goal with one assist!! I'm making brownies for the Puckster to celebrate!

DH had to drive to Woodbury (about 30 minutes) through this! Yikes! Yesterday morning, we were starting to see the dead grass underneath all of this! We're supposed to get some more today! The Teenager is going boarding, so I will have to drive a little bit, not to mention get to the grocery store.

And for Inquiring Minds who want to know, this is what the house is starting to look like!

New windows are in, the siding is on, they're getting ready for the cultured stones. The pounding has become much less intrusive.

I have no knitting pictures today, the baby sweater is inching along, the April Fools Sock (2nd) is t the heel flap, and the Grid Lock Sock (1st) is also ready to flap. Hopefully I'll have progress to show you tomorrow - oh - and also? Loopy Ewe birthday Pr0n. (Yummy)


It's so great to hear about kids being good sports. They should get more attention than the few that are bad sports.

Sympathy on the migraine. That is definitely not a hockey-friendly situation.
BUMMER about the migraine - you're very dedicated to still go to hockey under those conditions.

Isn't the amount of snow crazy?!
The Basketcase socks are perfectly gorgeous! I want those!

And the little hockey players are just too cute.

Glad your house is moving right along.
Migraines... they are really tough to handle. Despite that you are still doing great! Love your blog!
I love the pic of the little guys! One of my son-in-laws plays in city league here and he can't wait until Dax is big enough to play...8 months old this week so he has a while to go :-)! But I'm sure in a few years I'll be looking at the same scene...and loving it!lol!
Bummer....the migraines...I used to get them a lot..not so much anymore, thank goodness...but I SURE can empathize!
Yay Eagles!

The house is looking good. Having windows must be a relief.
That's a cute picture of the kids, they have great spirit and sportsmanship too. Very cool! :)
Gotta love the team spirit! WTG, Eagles! Don't tell Hockeyboy I said that, though. During the regular season, EP are bitter rivals. Ironically, he'll be playing spring hockey with a quite a few EP players. Empathy on the migraines! I love Imitrix because it stops them cold for me. I get around 8-10 a month - yuck!
Gosh those are great looking little kids with already wonderful attitudes. How nice! Made the drives to Woodbury on a snowy weekend much more bearable I'll bet. I do hope you get better.
Great sports, the little ones. And what a snow! Awesome. We just had one of two flakes this year, but a lot of storms! Take care with your migraine.
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