Wednesday, December 20, 2006

WIP's, FO and GUSTO! (ha ha - see that, I have made the veritable internet ring!)

Today is going to be a day of many photos - I will break it down in multiple posts.

First - List update:

and the WIP's! (Pay no attention to the fact that I have totally skipped over the Debbie Bliss cardi...have I mentioned how much I hate seaming?)

The Banff sleeves:

These are going on and on and on and on - it is going to be one cozy sweater though.

The S'more Slippers. I am debating another round in the washing machine, I'd like to see if they'll felt another little bit.

And just because I can't stand to NOT be knitting socks - I cast these on - the design is inspired by this (Phineas) pattern that I found through the LimeNViolet message board. (Mine are cuff down and I've messed around with the pattern to fit my stitches (60 on #1 Knitpicks Options dpns.) I am using the ever so lovely STR Jingle Bell Rock Lightweight yarn.

Lest we forget, here is the FO! Peek!

This is the Dream Swatch by Wendy Bernard (who has a very charming blog). I plan on wearing this at the Outlaw family Christmas (which will be held on New Years at the cabin). I bought the yarn off an etsy store called Lux2night.

I think it's charming.

Gusto! is coming in part deux.

I'm so impressed with your production! I'm having trouble getting anything done this month with all the running around. I LOVE those socks.
Wow! You have been busy!
The socks are lovely, and I love that colorway :)
Lovely stuff!! The dream swatch is well, dreamy! :-) (Okay, I'm a dork...)
oh i accidentally felted my s'more jaywalkers, i never thought of felting them on purpose....
kinda like a melted/felted s'more
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