Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Today we are starting the "Knitting To-Do" List

This is what I want to complete before the end of 2006. Whattaya think? I just have to Kitchener the 2nd Can't-elope sock and that will be checked off. But there will be no casting on until these are ALL checked off. I'm sewing up Debbie Bliss today. There is every possibility!

(sigh) There is hair coloring and cutting happening today.

Send good vibes to Ms. Violet over at Lime and Violet today, she's having a Very Bad Day (week? end of 2006?). Also, Ms. Yarn Pirate is updating her Etsy site on Saturday at 11 pst - her store empties out pretty quickly.

Your organizing skills are impressive...makes me want to get more organized, too!
Wow. All that by the end of the month? You go, girl!
I think you're crazy! All that by the end of the month? I hope you make it!
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