Sunday, December 17, 2006

Today, We are the Proud Mama...

For those of you lulled to sleep by Hockey talk? You can ignore me for the day, because I will be bragging quite blatantly about my hockey player for the rest of this post.

Okay, see this?

This was earned this weekend by Puck. His team is the "Little Team Who Could." They are not big kids but they sure played with all the heart in the world. They left their first tournament of the season with this:

Game 1: They won 2-1 in an Olympic style shoot off (Puck's best friend, Coach's son made the shoot-off winning goal). Be still my heart.

Game 2: Okay, our third, fourth and a couple fifth graders are dwarfed by these boys. (This is a non-contact league). The first thirty seconds one of their kids lowered his shoulder and pasted one of our little guys. Their League Commissioner told one of our parents to "teach our kids to skate" and to "shut up" - nice, huh? He didn't just tell her, he yelled at her from the top of the bleachers. Uch - it was ugly. Want to know what made it beautiful? Our kids scored and held them scoreless until the last minute and a half of the game. They scored to tie it up with 45 seconds left in the game. Puck's best friend (Coach's son), picked up the puck in front of their goal, raced down the ice past his dad who yelled "Win this game Son!!!" Son took the shot, it flew behind their goalie's head, hit the corner post and went in as the horn blew!!! Holy Crap! They won the game 2-1!!!!!!!! That meant they were in the Championship game. (We weren't far from home, but it's our only "out of town" tournament so we stayed at a hotel in Otsego with a fantastic water park and those kids were out of their minds!)

Game 3: Okay, I have to say that we were just grateful the kids made it to that last game. We never would have thought they could do it. They're just a very young Squirt C team, they've only played two games this year and they were 1-1 going into the tournament. They went out and both teams were scoreless the first period. Then in the second period, Puck, our Puck made his very first hockey goal (ever!!) to bring the score to 1-0. It was a beautiful thing. They tied it up in the beginning of the third period, which our team quickly answered in the following thirty seconds with another goal. Little Puck managed to keep them from scoring again with a very strategic back check and our rather undersized little team skated off the ice with the Championship today!!!

All right. Next post will be back to knitting as there really is quite a lot of it going on here - just have to work on the finishing part.

Yay Puck!!!
Congrats to your son. It's just wonderful when you can experience these things with your children! I remember fondly my sons' football, basketball, baseball, track games(no hockey, this was Iowa). May you have many, many more victories to share.
Wow! Very exciting and congrats to Puck!
Congratulations to Puck! How exciting. He - and his mom - will remember that forever.
Congrats to Puck!

When you have a chance, will you please contact the person you're making the KMKS kit for? She's worried b/c she hasn't heard from you. Let me know if you have any problems w/her e-mail, etc.
Congratulations to Puck!! and to Mom too!
Congratulations! So exciting and what pay-back to a jerk! Been off-line for awhile, so I'm late posting but way to go!
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