Saturday, December 02, 2006

Today, we are decorating....

can we have a moment of silence, please, for my sanity.

CORRECTION: Today, we are spending three hours in the Urgent Care.

Because the 14 year old fell at the ski hill avoiding a small child standing at the top of the chairlift drop (grr) (he did not hurt the child).

He hit an ice patch and fell hard on his right knee.

He went to the First Aid station for ice.

They called me to take him to the Urgent Care/ER.

Three hours and one unbudgeted Xray later, we have a brace and crutches, a bruised bone, Chinese food instead of Pork Roast and mashed potatoes and a tree waiting to be decorated.

Sigh..the best laid plans... 17 years ago today I accepted the proposal of my dear man. He kneeled under our Christmas tree-to-be and offered me his hand and his ring. I love you honey!

(tick, tock, tick, tock - whirrr - creak - "shhhhh" - profound silence)

Feel better now? ;-D
I'd give you one if I had one to spare...we're decorating too...
When you're done there, go check out our blog. I have some questions for you.

But don't go right now, I'm going over there first. :-)
Oh, we're trying that tomorrow. With two boys now, maybe we'll be done by say, 1am?
Very pretty tree. May your Christmas be as lovely as your tree (but less hectic in the preparation).
Yikes - what a way to spend an afternoon. Especially when you wanted some quiet, initially. Hope the DS mends quickly.
Oh bummer!! I'm glad he's okay.

Congratulations on your anniversary!
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