Friday, December 08, 2006

Today I thank my Coffee Swap Pal!

I sat down to do this right away this morning, but I became sidetracked by the new Knitty. (Exasperated sigh!)

However, I'm back now, so I must say thank you Abigail, thank you!

So yesterday, I scurried into the house (because it was FREEZING here in Minnesota yesterday), with a package from my front step. I opened it up to see this:

I had to pause for just a moment in awe. The first thing I took out was these, and I could only think: Mittens! (Did I mention? FREEZING!)

Then, I dug into these:

Yum! (crunch. crunch. crunch...) Then of course, there was more! Did I mention yesterday how sock-happy I have become? Abigail knit 36 pairs last year. I now have a goal to shoot for, and she helped me out with this:

A perfect color for me! This is the Rennaissance colorway, and I took the picture last night and it was dark so it's really hard to see the colors, but this is awesomely blue and red and purple with a little bit of green. Then, finally, the treasure that got me very excited because I have never been able to pick up two skeins of this and decide which color I wanted!!! Some Koigu KPPM!! In an amber/toffee colorway. Such socky goodness for me!

But that was not all, there was coffee, of course! Biscotti, shortbread, an adorable cup and a cute little postcard from Arizona!!!!

After seeing the mayhem that a few bad apples have caused over on the Yarn Ahoy 2 swap, I have to say, I find myself incredibly lucky in the two swaps I am currently in. But this? Totally made my week! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


You are so welcome. Enjoy for life is good...expecially when you are a knitter:D
Oooh, what a nice package. Love the Iceland.
Wasn't it nasty cold! But it's beautiful today. And what a lovely present for a bitter MN day. It must have brought the gorgeous weather with it.

Knitty had the same effect on me. Too much knitterly goodness to enjoy.
I just had to write because we too have a preteen, a 14 year old (both ski), a huge cat and two barn cats, and a chocolate lab!

We also have sheep, angora goats and an angora bunny. We live in Central NY.
Excellent package! :)
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