Thursday, December 07, 2006

Today, I am one lucky SP9 Recipient...

Seriously, my pal, Just Me has been so great to me, and I have no idea who she is, or where she lives - I only know she has a connection that is local to me (unless she's fibbing and it's really her address).

Anyway, yesterday (or was it Tuesday?), I got this little envelope with these cute stickers (I am a scrapbooker as well as a knitter, after all, so totally appropriate), and this little soap that is crazy in it's awesome cuteness! Thank you so much Just Me!

I am going to town on my list from the other day and I will have an update tomorrow, with pictures and everything! I also have some yarn erotica to share. I could not resist Lime 'n Violet's Christmas Gift-Giving Extravaganza List. Mmmm. I am going to be knitting socks for all of 2007.

Well, to top it off, I just hopped over to the L&V website and Lisa Souza has come up with a new colorway to help support Violet during her medical trials and tribulations. Check it out. Violet's Pink Ribbon is what it is called.

Aw shucks...I just like spoilin' ya!

I picked up a few of those soaps last summer at a Stitches event, not knowing what I'd do with them. Then when I got into SP I realized they are perfect for it!

Enjoy your day!
Didn't you love that list? Although it kind of drove me a little nuts when I realized all the awesome yarn that was on it and that maybe, if I'm lucky, I might get one skein!:-)
Those soaps are adorable.
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