Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thank Goodness for Podcasts!

They are allowing me to knit away while still entertaining me!

See the list? I am soon to cross one more thing off of it!

See also the recycled silk purse? This was the easiest thing to sew together, but the knitting did hurt my fingers. ETA: Oops! This pattern is Unbiased from Knitty

I also received a yum-a-licious package from my SP9 Swap Pal - treats, treats and treats! Photos will come tomorrow, I'm actually hoping to have another project finished by tomorrow!

I imagine anyone that reads my blog (all half dozen of you!), is also aware of The Heathen Housewife, but she posted a request for leftover yarn for a bear knitting project. I e-mailed the lady involved and I am sending her a box of yarn ends this weekend. Check it out! It's knit bears for kids! Bears. Kids. How can you resist?

I agree, I'm a podcast junkie. Much more entertaining that most of the junk on TV:-)
I'm sure you probably mentioned this somewhere, but what is the pattern for the silk bag?
Yay for podcasts! Also, my library provides audible books for download, and they are wonderful for listening and knitting, too!
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