Sunday, December 10, 2006

The List, she is progressing...

All of you who doubted me - behold:
These are "More Fun Than Cables" from Stitches of Violet. I managed to knit these from a skein of Lisa Souza's Can't-Elope in Sock! Merino. Note: I had enough yarn to finish these without frogging the too-small Conwy. I wore them yesterday and they are comfy as can be.

My second FO is the Arrow Lace Socks from the 2007 Knitting Calendar (note: I do have some errata in the toe - the have you knitting on 24 and 30 stitches when you get to the toe so you need to make a few decreases to even out the stitches). However, these socks knit up very quickly and really, how can you go wrong with Socks that Rock? This colorway is Nodding Violet.

These are still blocking for the wearing next week.

I was lurking and looking for some Vespers sock yarn yesterday, but I missed out because we had a hockey game! Puck's team won 2-1. I have to tell you, they are enforcing stricter penalties this year and it was really tough on the Puckster yesterday. The coaches hadn't yet spoken to the kids about the new rules and five minutes into the game he got called for hooking. He wasn't playing any differently than he ever has, the refs are just calling the penalties much tighter. He wasn't back on the ice for more than three minutes, and they called him again!! I looked across the ice and his little ten year old face was beet red with the struggle not to cry. He had no idea why they were calling the penalties on him! So, coach leaned around the glass to talk to him and he was okay for most of the rest of the game. Middle of the third period, boom! they call hooking on the poor guy again! (The difference is you can put your stick underneath your opponent's stick, but not over the top.) If any one player gets called for hooking four times, he is removed from the game. These are not infractions that result in anyone getting hurt, he's not even touching the body of the other child. So - six minutes of penalties and he doesn't even know why, or how NOT to get the penalties. It was crazy. His team did learn that they play an amazing short-handed game. Seriously, the puck spent 75% of the game on the other team's ice. So, enough hockey talk. I missed the Vesper (sigh).

Back to the list.

The new rules are killer. Our kids are taking a beating, too, in the penalty department. Good news is that once they get it, they adapt quickly. WTG on the win!

But the sacrifice in yarn was a tough one. What we hockey mom's have to give up for our players!
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