Thursday, November 16, 2006

What's in YOUR bag?

(knitting bag, that is.)

Well let's take a look, shall we? Let's see, here's the bag, isn't it cute?

First of all, we have my dh's Knitpick's socks, all done! We love Knitpicks, a lot. These were supposed to be U of M Gopher colors, but I think we wound up with a Viking's sock, which is kind of sad because, unfortunately the Vikings kind of s*** right now. Two skeins of their discontinued yarn which has become Memories Pansy and the IK Fall '06 Father and Son Socks. I had about 30" of yarn left from each skein.These are the mittens knit up from my Chocolate Swap goodies. Some Manos del Uruguay in Moss doubled up with some mohair that she sent me (but I didn't keep the label, sorry). I used the Plaid Mittens pattern from the blue blog patterns. They're bulky and snuggly. They will be by driveway shoveling mittens this winter.

I had ordered some sock yarn from Lisa Souza about two weeks ago, but she was out traveling with her entire stock so she didn't get it shipped out until Sunday night so yesterday when I went to my mailbox, not only did I have a package from my SP9 pal, Just Me, I had a package of some yummy sock yarn. First there was: Marsquake.

and South Pacific (Gonna wash that man right outta my hair...)

Last, but not least, my goodies from my SP9 pal, which I think were themed along the line of spoiling myself!! Treats for my mouth and treats for my hands and a treat for me that benefits somebody else!! The little snowman is a candy coated marshmallow treat and I am saving him for me! A Burt's Bees (LOVE Burt's Bees) hand care kit and a Quickie Cutter with the Breast Cancer logo. I love gifts that benefit other people. I try to do some of that every Christmas.

And more self-care, cozy kind of stuff: More Memories (have I said I LOVE Knitpicks?) to create the snuggly Felted Slipper Socks - oh! I just thought of another theme!! Marshmallows! The yarn color is S'mores (and I have repeatedly placed that in my shopping basket at KP, but I've always taken it out for other more important purchases!!!)

And here is my Booga Bag in it's infancy stages:

Made great progress on the Booga at the dentist's office this week. So there it is, my life in yarn for this week. There are other projects not mentioned because I'm embarassed I haven't made more progress on them. The pink Debbie Bliss is two sleeves away from being finished (and I do mean sewn!), and the Banff is about two half sleeves away from being ready for blocking!

Today I am signing the contract to have my house re-sided (stucco, water intrusion, yuk) and forking over the first check for 20% of the estimate. I am planning the Thanksgiving meal menu and trying to figure out when I am going to get the Christmas village put up (40 houses, thank you very much) and bake the much-desired Waffle Iron Cookies, between driving the kids around to movie dates and hockey practice and going to my nephews birthday party.

I'm so glad you liked everythng!! And Burt's Bees is the best, isn't it? I must own 6 of the lip balms, they are everywhere in my house. And you're using your new project bag - yeah!!

BTW - your post was very entertaining, as usual. Have a wonderful evening.

Just Me
Wow, that Lisa Souza yarn is really nice.
I can't wait to see the s'mores yarn knit up and a Booga bag? That's a classic stand-by!

Thanks for sharing your knitting bag ;-)
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