Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Today we have a SKP.
(standard knitting post)

First, we have FO's.

Boo! It's a Booga Bag. Guess what's inside! More Noro because now I have to make another one (I think mom needs one). This is the quickest gratification for a knitter that I have found.

Here is one sock. I love the pattern, love the yarn (Lisa Souza in Merino Sock! in Can't Elope), but it is very tiny and the pattern is very futzy, I don't want to tear it out and start the futzy pattern over, so I have started a different sock and this one is going to be making froggy sounds very soon. (Isn't is pretty though?)

Here we have a new purchase from This is gorgeous. 2007 is going to be a great year for socks at our house!

So, earlier this week we had deep, today we have knitting, later this week we are going to have frivolous because Scarrgo over at Cats & Yarn has inspired me to create a playlist (since she has taunted me with her own creation, which I was rockin' out to in the car today.)

Peace out!

Ooh, pretty pictures. Love that Ruby sock yarn!
Isn't the Booga fun?
Wow...too bad about having to rip out that sock. It is very pretty.
Love the Booga!
Wow, you've got some lovelies on the blog today! I love booga bags - they're so quick and GORGEOUS! The sock is indeed lovely - are you sure someone can't fit into it? And the new yarn is amazing. Why would you tempt someone like that? :-)
But I love that sock! Did you rip it already? Very pretty.

I'm slow tonight, I was puzzling over the color Can't Elope -- finally I get it!
You should see the Y-P today!
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How fun! I just typed in Booga in your blog search and found your Booga Bags! LOVE THEM! Now I'm even more excited to make one (or two or three!)
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