Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This? This is my crazy-a@@ work area - how do you like it?

Let's see, up there in the far left, there's some knitting patterns and my blank cd's for my downloaded books from My bottle of ibuprofen right next to the TV. There's one sock of a pair of River Rapids Socks from the Sock Bug. My little blue chibi needles. On the right are my husband's socks from Knit Picks Sock Garden - there's almost four inches done on the first one there (I'm doing the Father and Son sock from IK Fall 2006, but I have to tell you, once I get to the heel flap, this pattern has me cross-eyed.)

Front and Center is my second set of the downsized Fetching from Knitty. What you can't see is the book and yarn I bought today at Yarnzilla. Boy - they did a makeover on that store! It's so bright and sunny now!

Halloween was fun, but relatively quiet. The ten year old hit a school friend's neighborhood so DH had no excuse to wander around with the other dads, drinking beer and smoking nasty cigars. The teenager actually went out and joined the other teenagers trick-or-treating. Believe it or not, I had as many teenagers at the door as I did little ones last night. (Just as well, I did not need any candy hanging around!)

But the HUGE news that I forgot on Monday? Puck's football team won the Champioship on Saturday afternoon! Yay! He and his little buddies went the whole season undefeated. The game on Saturday was so tense! They were tied 6 to 6 until the third quarter. Puck recovered a fumble on the twenty yard line right before the half, preventing the other team from scoring and gaining the lead! He got to be a hero for a whole ten minutes! At the end of the game, after the handshake, the parents made an arch/tunnel for the boys to run through and those little faces were so shiny and happy - it was a joy to see! So I will end with this for today:

Yay 5th grade Black!! You Rock!

Oh, and also?

Coffee - because the daylight savings time change left me in a funk:

I had so much fun with Chocolate that I joined this little swap last week:

Knittymama is hosting it, and it looks to be a lot of fun.

Oooh, I'm glad she's doing the Coffee Swap!

That is some yummy yarn you showed! WTG on Puck's success! : )
Yay Puck!!

I was thinking of doing that pattern. Is it cross-eyed in a good sort of way or a "why am I knitting this again?" sort of way?
Hey Knittymama -
Once I had a few minutes of quiet time to concentrate on the pattern I was able to work it out, but they sure use a lot of words to tell you what to do.
Congrats to Puck! Those moments are priceless. Your work surface looks like every place I've been in my house. Kindred spirits?
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