Sunday, November 12, 2006

Let's see...

Albert Finney....check
French countryside....check
A vineyard....check
Eccentric French people....check
Russell Crow ....check

Okay, all of the above made A Good Year the perfect movie pour moi.

le sigh.

Seriously, highly recommended for the chick flick afficionados out there.

However, on a slightly weird note, I took my mom to see this movie (she's 66), and I was the youngest person in this movie theater. Seriously, the lady sitting next to me put her feet up on the bar (stadium seating) in front of us and proceeded to SNORE through the whole movie. What I didn't understand was, why didn't her husband give her a nudge? I mean, she was SNORING - mouth open, chin flopping, snoring! I'd kill my husband if he didn't nudge me at that point! When did Saturday afternoon at the movies become such a mature thing to do?

Anyway, good flick.

Sounds like the perfect flick to me!
Russel Crowe returns....I've been looking forward to this one.
What it at Edina? I am always the youngest person there. People applaud at the end of the movies in Edina.
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