Thursday, November 16, 2006

Before I show the Yarn-y goodness

My husband and I are planning on another puppy sometime in 2008. We have a lovely chocolate lab from this kennel.

Anyway, I was looking at the puppies today (who can resist?), and came across their rescue page. They don't usually have any dogs on their rescue page, but today, there was this:

If there was any way I could bring this sweet girl home, she would be ours in a heartbeat, but we can't fence our yard. So hello out there, if you know anyone pining for a friend, send them this link, would you?

ETA: One of the kennel's requirements for rescued labs is a fenced yard - because they are older, etc. I don't think electric fences count, but I actually have never asked the question.

Oh, rescue dogs...our first dog was from a breeder, our second is from a rescue society. And there's just something about a rescue dog. They know they've been rescued. Have you thought about Invisible Fence? We have that, and it works great.
What a sweet, dignified lady! Wish I could take her but I already have an older rescued Border Collie. One big dog with all the corgis is my limit.

And thanks for the movie recommendation. I always remind myself I'm too old for chick flicks but I love them still.
Eek! I just read honestly get your Christmas cards out the day after Thanksgiving? My godchild is the same way. There's something truly disgusting about that :-)
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