Monday, October 02, 2006


So, my husband was in South Dakota this weekend, painting the old farmhouse they use as a Pheasant Hunting Headquarters. My boys had sports and sports, so I had a lot of time on my hands this weekend. I have been trying to get over to the LYS - Yarnzilla for about a month - but my timing has always been bad. What a fun little visit I had! Linda was at the sales desk and there were many knitters at tables and shopping. I am assuming that they were all regulars because of the banter and hilarity that was happening. She has a class starting October 21 for an absolutely gorgeous sweater(the "Give Yourself a Christmas Present" sweater). I love the timing, even though the sweater is not exactly my style - I'm thinking about it. So, I picked up a couple skeins of yarn. The Trekking is for a pair of slouchy socks for the ten year old and the Mountain colors will be a pair of Jaywalkers for me! I also bought some Malabrigo (which is actually already knit into my One Skein bag - which I'm dubbing the candy corn bag; you will understand once you see the photos.) The bag should be finished tomorrow so I should have some more FO photos tomorrow!

As for today, the mittens are finished, and the bottle of wine is waiting patiently for me to open it in celebration of an FO!I also made a stop at Knit Wits earlier this week and picked up this:

The 14 year old wants another pair of socks. I'm now going to be a sock slave.

I'm envious, my 14 year old won't wear anything I knit for him. Isn't Yarnzilla the best?
Yarnzilla was closed the day I planned my shop hop - it sounds great. Have you ever been to the Coldwater Collaberative?
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