Thursday, October 19, 2006


I promised you some pictures of new yarn. Well, here it is. I bought it here.

She has lighter weight yarn at Spunky Hats but I liked the sport weight - it's very soft and scrunchy. So I got the Snow in Napa (for me) and the Uncola for my SP9 pal - it's pretty limey - but she said she likes everything green. I'm erally hunting for little somethings that have that something extra - any ideas for me? She likes ballet and classical music and no sugar! Yeek.

Snow in Napa

The Uncola

The big boys are heading out hunting in the morning, leaving Puck and myself home to hang out. MEA weekend leaves him without a lot of pals so he's going to have to smile and dial in the morning.

Wow, that's some LIME yarn! Both yarns are purty.

You can find some Dove sugar-free candy at Lunds/Byerly's, and Whole Foods has some similar chocolate bars, too, I think.(I don't know if 'no sugar' means no chocolate...)
You could also try really nice pens, stationary, stickers, etc. I have a daughter who is crazy about paper products! Also, that yarn is very nice. The Lime and Violet podcast talked about it and I am seriously thinking about it . . . We have PSATs and Girl Scout events this weekend so it will be pretty quiet here, too. Enjoy!
Man, that is some seriously beautiful yarn. Spunky is by far my newest favorite!
I like that uncola, that's wild.

As for other giftees, if your person lives in another state, consider some state things like magnets, mugs, paper tablets. Don't you have some monster sized mall where you live (mega mall, is it?)? There has to be SOMETHING there, don't you think?

"Just Me"
a.k.a. Your SP9 Pal

p.s. Get a large lumpy package this weekend, by any chance? I'm so excited for you to get it - I'm going nuts. LOL!
No sugar? Yikes.

I like the yarn , especially the lime green hanks.

Love that lime color. It would be hard to be sad with that color on.
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