Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Our Twins are havin' a bad week! Well, they have one more chance I say: GO TWINS!

Yesterday, I was moping around the house threatening to turn t
he A/C on, (humidity and I, not such good pals), this morning I ran around the house closing up windows because it was so chilly. What a gorgeous Autumn day. In the meantime, the kids already have days off from school. HS has Thursday/Friday and K-12 has Friday.

The nice weather bodes well for my weekend. Our little town of Stone Lake has their big Cranberry Festival this weekend. Lots of little vendor/craft booths and food for sale. I invite all the womenfolk in my family to join me at our cabin so we can hang out and relax. We wander into town and do some shopping and eating, then sit around at the cabin and play games and drink until dinner time. We through something on the grill and have a little cookfest and all sleep like we've been in the fresh air all day! Mom's even going to come up, though she won't be able to go to the Festival yet. Too much walking around for her poor back.

Also, I have FOs and WIPs!

Remember I was talking about that Candy Corn Bag? Malabrigo in Cadmium, Carrott and Chocolat felt so beautifully. Well, here it is:

The Banff (from Knitty) in Cranberry (from Knitpicks) is on the needles:
This ribbing goes on for 42 rows, this is only 18 rows - this is going to be one bulky sweater!

The XXL socks for Puck? On the needles, as you can see, with one needle snapped already. Sorry a couple of these are blurry - I was futzing with the settings on the camera - but you can see the color of this yarn - yum. What you don't see is that right after I snapped this, I had to frog the heel flap because I forgot the decrease row! Grr. I've almost made it up today, though. More knitting time tomorrow, but then I have my first high school conferences...yeek!
See that snapped needle there? So sad.

I snapped a needle during the knitting olympics. Terrible....terrible.
Oh, so much fun! I love Cranberries and have toured the Ocean Spray plants in Mass and WI. Have fun!
Wow. I have never snapped a needle. You are not to be messed with! Which Knit Picks yarn are you using for Banff?
cute bag, enjoyed reading your blog too
I'm loving the candy corn bag - where can I get the pattern? Seriously, I'd like to know.

Oh, feel free to let me know at the blog I've set up for us to communicate for Secret Pal round 9 at:

Yep, I'm your secret pal for SP9 and I'm going to spoil you rotten!

My name? Silly, I can't share that with you yet - you can refer to me as, well, "Just Me".

Ta ta for now!
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