Sunday, October 22, 2006

My SP9 Pal is rockin' it already! I am waiting for some natural light to photograph - look for photos tomorrow: hint - this gal is an overachiever!

See that envelope there on the left? That is from my SP - she calls herself "Just Me" - cute?

(The box on the right is my own doing - Knit Picks makes my life just a little bit better....)

I promise to be chattier tomorrow - this weekend I had to be a single parent. Puck and I had togetherness at Costco and bought some Halloween decor at Menards! Yay ugly bats and scary glowy hands!

How much did the Amazing Race make you feel good tonight? I tried to explain Karma to Puck today (he's 10); he and I watch The Amazing Race together, and have for the last three seasons. He sat down next to me towards the end and he said, "I'm glad the Cho brothers aren't eliminated this week. Hey! They had good karma mom." (Then at the end, we decided that Peter was seeing the benefit of his BAD karma!)

Here's to good karma!

I completely agree - I almost started crying when the brothers let Kentucky do the detour. I've never seen such kindness on a reality show!
Yup. The Cho brothers deserve to win. But I'm rooting for David and Mary too. They're proving that being big city slickers doesn't mean everything.

And woot--buh-bye, Peter and Sarah! Yay! I was so tired of them!
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