Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I was beginning to think Blogger didn't love me anymore, this puppy took forever to load!

Hope you all have scary ghouls at your door tonight!

Very nice, very nice! I carved two myself (hubby cuts the tops and guts them for me, I hate that part) but I can't show you because I haven't taken pictures. But I will tonight and then I'll post them on the SPJUSTME blog. :-)

Say, I need to know something and don't ask why because you aren't allwed (hee hee). Do you have size 9 and size 4 dpns?

Leave me a message at the blog, please.

Thanks and have a BOOriffic evening!

'Just Me'
Believe it or not, I think those may be the only two sizes I don't have!
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