Thursday, October 26, 2006

FO's and Stash Enhancement, again....

I am, I think, the one zillionth person to finish a pair of Jaywalkers. I made them with this yarn. This Mountain Colors is wonderful to knit with and even nicer to wear. So very, very soft.

I also finished these itty, wrist warmers. I took five stitches out of the pattern so it would fit my tiny nieces.

That little tripod is all the yarn I had left from this skein. I found this wool from a seller on ebay. She's got some wild color combinations and pretty good prices.

Now, my husband says he would like some purple socks. I placed an order with KnitPicks. One pair is Gopher colors and one is more of a Vikings purple. He quickly placed his order for the Gopher socks. I didn't tell him the color name is Peony!

DH and I have our 16 year anniversary tomorrow. We get to go out for a yummy dinner at Wildfire. I think I'll stop eating right now. Puck's big football game is Saturday at 1:30. Should be a gorgeous day!

16 years! Congratulations! The wristers look very cute. I'm sure they'll be well loved.
Congratulations on your anniversary,that's wonderful!

Enjoy your weekend,
a.k.a. Just Me
I looked at the very same yarn for DS's Christmas socks but chickened out because of the name. Glad to know that a man was okay with it (without knowing it's name). Congrats on 16 years!
ditto on the anniversary, but I'm more wow-ed you got PANSY! I want pansy sock yarn too...okay, Ill be back to read the rest of the post once I've been to KP...
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