Thursday, September 28, 2006 know the kind where even typing uppercase letters hurts?
However, I have completed one mitten from my lovely Clementine from the Yarn Pirate.
You can see that she has sold just about everything from her Etsy store, however, she is dyeing away so I am waiting eagerly to see her new yarns.Here is that little One Skein clutch I told you about here and here.
I love how it got the stripey two-tone appearance after it was felted. It only used 1/2 half of that skein, so I started this bag with the leftover brown and added the orange and another color to be determined!

So, my husband has to driver to Aberdeen tonight for his Aunt's funeral, so just me and the kids and a chilly weekend coming up. (5th grade football tonight!)

I'm knitting on the second bag. Cast on my second mitten. I cast on for the Banff this afternoon and I'm balling up a skein of yarn for the Fetching fingerless gloves from Knitty. Even with my ADD I should be covered, no? I might even seam a little bit. See, the thing about me and migraines? I can't sleep because all I can think about is how my eyeball is going to pop out of my head soon...and then my meds give me acid reflux so I can't be I'm better off doing something I don't have to concentrate on too much. 48 hours later, I'm much better, dark circles under my eyes and all.

That clutch turned out very nice!
Cute bag. You must have used the same yarn I used for a felted bag last year, the stripes look the same. Nature Wool?
Have a great weekend, it's actually supposed to be fairly warm I think.
Hello! This is ever so random, but I was searching for our mutally favorite poem, and I came upon your site. I have to say I love knitting and this poem, so it just made me ever so happy to see your site!
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