Monday, September 18, 2006

Oh dear, I am purchasing way more than I am using. Time to cut the yarn fat, no?

I have one FO to show you, dear internets. My goal for the next week is at least three more!
I also have just a little new stash. I did purchase more, but they are for swapping, and I won't show those until I have shipped them, okay? OK. The FO. Here is the scarf I started this week for my mom:

The scarf turned out so nice and lacey. It photographed much more grey than burgundy. In person - it's much more burgundy and you can see quite a bit of olive in it - plus it has little bits of sparkle.

Then I went shopping a few weekends ago up in Northern Wisconsin - at the Pine Needle - just outside of Cable, Wisconsin and I bought the really lovely skein of Trekking XXL and the needles down below. The label is lost so I can tell you no more about it. I went shopping at Coldwater Collaborative in Excelsior on Saturday. That's where I picked up the copy of Not Just Socks down below. I also bought some chocolatey yarn at Coldwater. Now to decide which to keep and which to send - hmmm.

I have my little Chiagu clutch all knitted up and blocking right now - I should be able to sew it up tomorrow. The ingenue is sitting by the sink waiting for its bathtime. The Debbie Bliss Cardi is a seaming project for Thursday.

Third week of school, the infamous back-to-school virus has struck both my kiddos. The high-schooler is on the upside of the virus, but Puck woke up this morning with the croupe wheeze and came home at lunchtime from school. (He wanted to go to school because today was the day he got his band instrument assignment - trombone!! Yay! We love the big brass teacher at our school.)

By the way, I couldn't resist, that trekking is already on the needles.

It sounds to me like you are doing something right if you are taking in more yarn than you are knitting. Isn't that they is supposed to work?
OK, that last sentence should read "Isn't that the way it's supposed to work?" Must work on my typing skills. or perhaps the problem is with my grasp of the english language.
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