Saturday, September 16, 2006

Later - Stash Enhancement. Right Now - Book List Part Something:

36. Deep Fire Rising by Jack Du Brul (4/29/06)
Excellent beach read. Need I say more? I think Mathew McConnaughey is lined up for the lead in this movie (joke). Well-written. I didn’t have the uncontrolled eye-rolling too often.

35. Split Second by David Baldacci (5/6/06)
Mmmm. Another beach read, and I’ve read Baldacci’s books out of order; I should have read this before reading Hour Game. The action is great, I just wish the relationship between the two investigators was a little more fleshed out.

34. Clara Callan by Richard B. Wright (5/13/06)
Oh. Lovely story about two, very different yet alike, sisters. I could put myself into Clara’s life so easily. Her sister Nora’s as well. These two women came of age the same era as my grandma Eddie. It made me feel like a small child reading about the good old days. It’s just really nice reading about two women who really are dealing with life on their own terms, even when men come along and push them off-course.

33. Mercy Among the Children by David Adams Richards (5/20/06)
Such a sad, sad tale. I loved the whole family by the end of the story, I know the father was an admirable soul, however, I couldn’t stop myself from feeling a certain contempt for him, no matter how hard I tried not to. Really? Are there men like that in existence? I have a hard time believing it, but I’ve never lived life in the furnace that supposedly forges this type of person.

32. A Good Yarn by Debbie Macomber (5/27/06)
Ok, now. I want to go shopping for yarn, badly. The rest of the story, meh. I’d like not to be irritated by fellow knitters, and these ladies mostly irritated me.


I hated "Shop on Blossom Street", so I'm sure I'd totally agree with you on "A Good Yarn" - unfortunately!
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