Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Home at Last!

I know it's a dark photo - but I wanted to show you my pillows made it to their new home with the rest of their family! The don't stay stacked on this couch for long but there they are!
Also- as promised - the ingenue. It is a titch big - I'll have to do some doctoring to wear it before Spring. The photo is very blurry, but the color is pretty close. (And man - I gotta do something about those arms - pushups should help a little, but age does it to us all doesn't it?)
There is a long sleeved sweater in my future, several, as a matter of fact. I believe the Banff in Knit Picks Sierra in the Cranberry color is being cast on this weekend. I know, I still have to seam the Debbie Bliss cardi - but I can only do that a little bit at a time.
And I told you I was bad - here's the Noro - free shipping and soon I will have a booga bag!

Any day now construction workers are going to descend on my house and start tearing off the stucco. I will have nowhere to hide, but I will have yarn stash to knit! I may have to stake out a chair at the local coffee place just to get out. If only I had a laptop, I would be there in a heartbeat!

I finished my little chocolate clutch yesterday - it has been fulled and is drying on the floor as I type. Just needs a little decoration and then it will be photographed to show off. Sometimes you just need a little instant gratification.

I gave mom her scarf last week, along with a bunch of books on CD that I burned from my Audible.com downloads, and she loved it! I'll have to try and get a picture of her modeling this winter. She is finally starting to feel a little less fragile from her surgery. She is up and driving, just not on her feet for very much time. She started PT last week and that is cheering her up immensely. Such a relief. She was pretty depressed there for a while, thinking she was going to have to sell her house and look for a townhouse, or even assisted living. At 68, she does not feel ready to give up her home of 46 years.

Well, there's your ups and there's your downs. Life has them both and we all just keep goin' don't we?

Enjoy your day, hope it is as beautiful as mine.

PS My husband wants to get another puppy. Heavens help me - he says you always need a spare!

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