Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hey! Remember me?

Remember this?

Well, I finished it's partner on Saturday afternoon at the cabin. No sooner did I hold it up and say "Look! I finished my first PAIR of socks!" (There have been a few singles, stuffed away into baskets and they may yet be completed...) ANYWAY, no sooner did I hold them up to show off when they were whisked onto a pair of 14 year old feet - over a pair of regular socks - and worn for the rest of the weekend. I will never see them again, unless I'm willing to go mining in the bottom of a 14 year old's closet. Are you? I blinked with the speed those socks disappeared, and then laughed. Who would guess?

Anyway, NEXT!

In this brown color.

Ingenue is finished - if I can swing a decent picture tomorrow - I will model it - goosebumps and all.

Deep breath, and then seaming.

I wish you could have seen me on Saturday in my swimsuit bottoms, hooded sweatshirt, floatation device, driving the Sea-Doo across the lake in three foot waves (to the boat ramp). From here on out, the boats come out of the water LABOR DAY WEEKEND! Remember that!
The muskie fishermen were laughing their ASSES off! Sorry no pictures, as I am the keeper of the camera.

I love those socks, too bad you'll never see them again!
Your day on the lake sounds fun & COLD!
Sounds chilly. No thanks.
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