Friday, September 22, 2006

Hey Folks, I'm Outtie...
Since the monsoon has put a halt to all youth sports for the weekend, we are heading out early to take boats and lifts out of the water and clean the cabin for the end of the year. I'll be back on Sunday night, hopefully with FO's to show..

In the meantime I give you: Book List - Part Infinity:

31. Portrait in Sepia by Isabel Allende (6/3/06)
Isabelle Allende creates a kind of warm bath by a fireplace with her words. I can just slide in and enjoy how she creates a paragraph, a sentence. This is a story about memory, about how you need to own all of your memories and place them together in a type of puzzle in order to make your whole life make sense.

30. The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch (6/6/06)
A fourteen-year old boy tossed into the ridiculous limelight that is our world's attention span. What is it we are looking for? Our society as a whole with ADD.

29. A Dame to Kill For by Frank Miller (6/7/06)
Part two of the Sin City series. I’ve seen the movie so now I’m going to have to keep reading to find out what happens after the movie. I still have to read part three before I get into the new stuff. Twenty-eight books to go, and I’ve got a list of summer books I want to squeeze in! AAH!

28. Tall, Dark & Dead by Tate Hallaway (6/9/06)
OMG. Can you talk about a brainless read? I’m still numb. Two days. (Snrk.)

27. The Whole World Over by Julie Glass (6/13/06)
I’m so excited. This is the author of Three Junes. I loved it soooooooooo much. I guess I have to admit I was disappointed, in some ways, with this book. I liked Greenie, but I didn’t understand her choices. Her husband, Alan, was a milquetoast and they both made really weird choices for their child. What I did like, the side stories about her gay friend and his inevitable romance with the character from Three Junes. The girl with a damaged long-term memory; this time she was the character the author left me wondering about, but frankly, I don’t know if I’d invest the time in another of her novels if I was going to be this disappointed.

That's it until Sunday night!
bye bye!

At least you finished the Glass book. I couldn't make it to the end. Thank goodness I got it from the library.
Have you tried the (mindless but fun) "Undead" series by MaryJanice Davidson - it gives you a mini tour of the Twin Cities! Kind of embarrassing to show your kids, though.
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