Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday Skies
were gorgeous today. As a matter of fact, I had to get into the old Jeep Wrangler (top down) and drive around town today, hmm to Knit Wits and to Yarnzilla (which I didn't realize was closed - sigh), oh and to Michael's for a couple balls of Sugar n Cream 'cuz my little sis would like some warshrags. I got a good start on Funky Scarf today, no pics 'cuz shhhh! it's a surprise. This is my first swap and so far it's been really fun. I can't think of a better day, driving around in the open air with no specified destination, stopping at whatever knitting store took my fancy!

I also need to crochet a picot edge around my ingenue. Grrr. I cannot crochet to save my life. I also need to buy a crochet hook in a size that works. So THAT's not happening today. So for the rest of the weekend I'm stuck with warshrags and scarves.

I did buy some yummy yarn today - I'll nab some pictures tomorrow. Mum's going in the hospital to have a lower lumbar laminectomy on Monday and I thought it would be nice to have a little knitting project for the waiting room, and knit up a pretty, snuggly scarf for her in the meantime. So I am going to have an invalid houseguest next week, she can't stay home alone and we're the only ones with a first floor bedroom (no stairs for her for two weeks). Lots of crossed fingers with sis and myself. We will be stocking a supply of nicotine patches because mum has never been able to quit smoking, and there is no smoking inside of our home (asthma kids). Here's hoping mom is able to stay away from the knives when she starts having her nicotine fits.

Oh, and I want to share my little friend with you. How adorable is this little guy? As long as he stays out of my garage!

Heck with staying out of the garage, keep him out of the house! It's very nice of you to help your mom out like this.
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