Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oh Dear,
I have been missing for a few days, haven't I?

School starts next Tuesday and my boys are starting two new schools. Intermediate School and High School. Our days have been full of taking care of Mom, getting prepared for school, last minute doctor appointments, hair appointments and music lessons. Tomorrow is High School Orientation. 14 yo goes at 8 am and parents go at 5:30. Intermediate School Open House is Thursday morning. Did I mention Football? And Lacrosse? *sigh*

Puck's football team won their first game tonight 27-0. An auspicious beginning.

Have I mentioned that we own a stucco home built in the late 90's? In case you don't know what's happened to most (I said most, not ALL) stucco homes built in that timeperiod? Moisture intrusion due to non-compliance with building codes. I live in a typical Western Suburb community, our road is a mile long dead-end street with three culs-de-sac along the way - lined with stucco homes (I'm guessing maybe 60 homes). I am not lying when I say that almost half of us have either sued our builder, are in the process of suing our builder, or are just beginning the process of suing our builder (we're all using the same attorney's office - anybody need a referral?) Some of us have much more serious issues that others. We recently received our settlement so we are in the process of interviewing building contractors. What a sticky maze that is!

Anyway, that was a long detour but the nut of it is, I also have appointments with contractors this week. I loathe meeting with contractors, 50% of them treat me like "the little lady" and they make me want to scream. I am not stupid because I don't speak "builder". If you take a little time to speak in plain english, I understand very clearly!!
DH and DumDog fishing in the evening.

However, mom has gone home to her own little nest. Still mostly in bed, but able to take care of herself with a little help from daughters and neighbors (good neighbors - thank you!!) We will have one final weekend at the cabin before all-out school starts, and that is good. Pinot and fish fry and beer and bruschetta. A little knitting for the road? Sound good to anyone else? See you there!

That sounds wonderful - a weekend at the cabin, the food and wine, knitting. Ahhhh, the good life!
Yick. I've heard about the stucco issues on 90s houses. At least if you are interviewing contractors, that means that it will hopefully be over soon.
I swim at some of the TC area lakes and all I'm thinking about as I swim, swim, swim is, "When do I get my lake cabin?" Enjoy your weekend!
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