Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just to clarify...
the class schedule in the previous post, our high school combines English and History/Geography into one credit block. The kids have the class for the whole year and switch off subjects every other day. Goofy, I know, but the teachers swear by it. (Because of the 70 minute classes and the quarter set up, the kids cover a year's worth of subject matter in 2 quarters.)

What I really want to share is the Ingenue I am very close to finished with this - just the front straps and then the crochet trim. You can see the back straps are complete. The color on the left is a little bit more true to the actual color. This yarn is so soft and lovely I bury my face in it at least once a day.

Happy knitting!

It's beautiful! Wish I could be that close to finishing something.
That is beautiful. Well done. Please post another picture when you're finished.

What else do you like to knit? Scarves, maybe? What is your favorite knitting book or author?
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